Cabrillo College Archaeology Field School, Day 15 – July 2, 2010

By Crew Chief Kristin Hoppa, a.k.a. Sneaky Shark

Photos: Crew chief Kristin a.k.a Sneaky Shark after winning a battle with the buckets (top), and Sneaky Shark supervising a group of students (bottom).

Sneaky Shark reporting from the field: Happy to be on-site for Cabrillo College’s second week of excavation at STA-207. This week the crew finished their 1 x 0.5 m shovel test units and began excavating their 1 x 1 m control units. Although I arrived bleary eyed from a long night of driving, the crew was energetic and enthusiastic, welcoming me onto the project on Monday morning. Their enthusiasm quickly caught up with me when I arrived on site. STA-207 is a multi-component site with a rich, fluffy prehistoric midden, and a scattering of historic artifacts near the Orestimba Corral. The crew uncovered historic ceramics, glass and bullet casings; as well as obsidian and chert flakes, a wide variety of mammal bone, some freshwater clam, marine shell, and some diagnostic olivella shell beads, and desert side notched points. Our monitors, Paul and Daniel, were on-site to consult about findings and share their knowledge. They were even so kind as to brew us some yerba buena tea and warn us of the dangers of the Kukusui.

Dusty kept morale high with his usual song and dance (even some harmonica), while Annamarie kept us all together, even when coming apart at the seams herself (tent malfunction = living in a van down by the river). Visits to the swimming hole, tie-dyeing, and fireside performances made our evenings, as well as a guest lecture from Mark Hylkema and visits from Rae Schwaderer, Associate Archaeologist for California State Parks Monterey District, and Myriah and Callum. Overall I had a great time with the crew here and I look forward to seeing more of them in the field and at conferences. My only regret: I was told them there’d be free ice cream.

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