Annie Louise Marquez Scholarship

Annie Louise Marquez was born on August 4, 1917 in Madrone, CA during the fruit harvest season. Annie was the first-born daughter of Louis Marquez of Carmel-by-the-Sea and Rose Rios of Watsonville. She spent most of her younger years with her paternal grandmother, Mary “mamita” Dixon in Carmel, who was a Ventura Chumash Indian. Annie came to learn much about the local Indians of Carmel. She especially spoke of her friend Sordo, an old Indian who spent most of his time on Mamitas land, the land we have come to know as “Tortilla Flats.” Annie shared many stories about her life in Carmel with her children and grandchildren. One story tells us that she may have been one of the last people to be present at an Indian dance ceremony conducted by El Sordo deep in the Carmel woods when Annie was 7 years old. Annie was loved by all who knew her because she was very kind. She passed away at the age of 74.

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