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Monthly Lectures Sponsored by SCAS

SCAS sponsors monthly meetings with topical speakers. Click here to see the schedule of lectures and other events.

SCAS Board Members

President Kevin Hildreth asarluhi50@nullhotmail.com
Vice President and Publicity Pat Paramoure patsunicorn@nullsbcglobal.net
Secretary Amanda Trujillo amandatrujillo@nullsbcglobal.net
Treasurer Cathy Phipps archecat@nullhotmail.com
Newsletter Editor Mary Gerbic mgerbic@nullyahoo.com
Membership Cathy Mistely cathymi6@nullyahoo.com
Education Charr Simpson-Smith charrsmithaacc@nullgmail.com
Outreach Kären Johansson

Annamarie Leon Guerrero



Publicity Assistant Elizabeth Tjoa tjoa.elizabeth@nullgmail.com
Professional Advisor Tsim Schneider tdschnei@nullucsc.edu

SCAS Board Members, 2013

Society Business

Click here for the Society’s financial statements, bylaws, and other organizational information.

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