A 10,000+/- year-old history story to be told – And we need your help!

The Santa Cruz Archaeological Society is taking on leadership for bringing an important piece of the prehistory of Scotts Valley to life by updating and expanding the archaeological display in the City Hall. And we need donations.

Some of you know SCAS has had a long history with Scotts Valley and CA-SCR-177, the very early and unique occupation site that was mitigated in 1983.    After the site was seriously damaged, over 300 archaeologists volunteered to mitigate the damage. A small exhibit focusing on the original artifacts – but not on the people whose story was being told – was put together in 1990 and has never been updated.

Now 32 years later, a collation of muralists, exhibit preparators, cabinetmakers, electricians, and artifact reproduction artists, are coming together with Native advisors/descendants, archaeologists, and local historians to create a new, more accessible display aimed at the high and middle school students who are regularly brought to see the display.

Thanks to SCAS, Diane Gifford Gonzales, the Scotts Valley City Manager, the Scotts Valley Historical Society, and several local interested people – we have about one-quarter of the estimated funding on hand and a possible commitment for another quarter.

Now we need your help.   I am hoping you will help and will reach out to other people to chip in.  SCAS which is (a 501 (3) (c) organization) has set up an SV Display fund; the donation is tax deductible. You can donate by clicking donate on the Scotts Valley button, and using CC or PayPal, to make your donation. 

Or you can do it the old-fashioned way and send a check through snail-mail to Santa Cruz Archaeological Society, P.O. Box 86, Soquel, CA 95073. Please make the check out to the Santa Cruz Archeological Society; the memo on check can include SV Display Fund.

In either case, your donation will be appreciated and help the visitors in the future to learn about the people who lived here in Santa Cruz County in the long past of California.

For further reading about this endeavor, click this link to Rob Edwards’ donation appeal: Donate 

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