The Santa Cruz Archaeological Society is a non-profit organization working with multiple agencies to preserve and monitor local prehistoric and historic resources. One of the goals of SCAS is to provide education on recent and on-going archaeological finds and theories. Lectures, slides, and films on local and other specific archaeological topics are presented at monthly general meetings and provided free of charge to the public. Anyone with an interest in archaeology, anthropology, or history is invited to join SCAS and be a part of the effort to preserve our heritage for the future.

In the Spotlight

  • The SCAS Outreach Program
    Although public archaeology conceptually has different meanings for different practitioners, many archaeologists share a passion to connect people and the past in ways that help bridge cultural differences. Archaeology exists amidst collaboration and dialogue among members of diverse communities and reinforces the notion that our history is a collective one. Public archaeology defines the place where artifacts tell a story and listening to many voices in the present allows us to hear those stories. The presentation of archaeology to young learners collates a physical activity, educational fun in the field, and brings the meaning of history and the discovery of a relevant past into the hands of both students and educators

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