The Santa Cruz Archaeological Society is a non-profit organization working with multiple agencies to preserve and monitor local prehistoric and historic resources. One of the goals of SCAS is to provide education on recent and on-going archaeological finds and theories. Lectures, slides, and films on local and other specific archaeological topics are presented at monthly general meetings and provided free of charge to the public. Anyone with an interest in archaeology, anthropology, or history is invited to join SCAS and be a part of the effort to preserve our heritage for the future.

In the Spotlight

  • The SCAS Outreach Program by Kären Johansson Special thanks to Charr Smith and Erik Zaborsky for their previously published articles in the SCAN, the Santa Cruz Archaeological Society Newsletter, and to Charr for the outreach documents she provided at the Cabrillo College docent training in 2012. This information was indispensable in preparing this document. Unless otherwise noted, all photos are ...

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