Reaching Out: Public Outreach and Education at the Presidio Archaeology Lab

Speaker: Jules Evans-White. “My passion for archaeology was realized in the second grade when an archaeologist came to my class, provided the students with little squares of dirt and toothbrushes and we excavated small objects and studied them. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to become an archaeologist. I took my first field course at the Santa Rosa Junior College with Tom Origer and conducted fieldwork on the Sonoma Coast. I transferred to UC Santa Cruz and during the summer of 2005, was part of Cabrillo College’s Arch Tech program. After graduating UCSC in 2006, I decided to try something different and worked at the Napa County Historical Society conducting archival research and managing volunteers. In 2009, I enrolled in Sonoma State’s Cultural Resource Management master’s program where I focused on public outreach and interpretation. During my second semester, I secured an archaeology education and outreach internship with the Presidio Archaeology Lab where I led fourth grade students on fieldtrips of the Presidio and taught them about archaeology. In January 2012, I became the Outreach Specialist for the Archaeology Lab, continuing to lead fieldtrips and I began developing the volunteer program. In May of 2012, I received my Master’s degree in CRM. At this point in my career it feels that it has come full circle, where I was once a kid learning from an archaeologist, I am now the archaeologist teaching kids!”

Evans-White’s talk was entitled, “Reaching Out: Public Outreach and Education at the Presidio Archaeology Lab.”

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