Mark Holsapple: “A Brief Prehistory of Time – A Review of Art in Paleolithic Ice Age Europe”

Join us for this visual treat exploring masterpieces of paleolithic Ice Age European art. This event will be held in the Meeting Room at the Scotts Valley Library () at 7:30 pm on April 21.

Go back in time 40,000 years to view the who, what, when, where, how, and why of just a few of the many artworks created by these ancient artists with modern minds. Absorb your creative mind in Parietal art (cave paintings, engravings, and sculptures made with paints, fingers, sticks, brushes, and airbrushes) as well as Mobile art (movable objects and tools such as Venus figurine sculptures, batons, and spear throwers). For an extra tactile experience, there will be some actual cast replicas of a few of these ancient sculptures and tools to touch and feel (the originals are sadly unavailable).

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Mark Holsapple is a Santa Cruz resident and prior student of Rob Edwards at Cabrillo College. He studied Archaeology at the University of New Mexico under Dr. Lewis Binford, an innovative method and theory leader that stressed the importance of scientific methodology. As an artist, his archaeological focus was primarily on Paleolithic Ice Age Europe and the glorious art our ancient Cromagnon ancestors created and has have visited many of the French Ice Age cave sites. He has been involved in multiple prehistoric field site projects such as the Manis Mastodon site (~13,000 year old Native American butchery site), a Polynesian excavation in American Samoa, and multiple Santa Cruz area historical excavation sites under the leadership of Rob Edwards.


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